Accessories Top Hat Kilkenny

At Top Hat we carry a large selection of accessories for men in Morning Wear, Evening Wear and Highland Wear.
Morning Wear
Top Hat in three colours black, navy and grey, gloves in grey and white. Black cane.
Waistcoats in Silk and poly/cotton in all colours, ties and ruches in all colours.
Shirts in wing collar and regular collar, cravat pins and tie pins, personalised cuff links which means you can get wedding date and names printed on them.
Personalised boxer shorts for the bridal party, ie the groom, best man, groomsman, father of the bride and father of groom. We aslo have black socks for the bridal party and for the page boy.
Evening Wear.
The accessories for evening wear are
Evening Shirts in five different styles wing collar and regular collar. Cuff links in gold and silver, tie pins, shirt studs, arm bands, bow ties ready made in black and coloured self tie in black silk. Black silk cummerbunds with matching bow Black paten shoes in all sizes and leather shoes in slips on and lace up. Long brass shoe horns and braces.
Highland Wear.
Highland accessories vary in morning and evening wear. The jackets, kilts, waistcoat, sporran. Other accessories are ghillie brogues, clan crest plaid brooch, kilt pin and skean dhu, hose in black or cream depending on the colour of kilt.